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Rowing coaching aimed at rowers and scullers of all ages and abilities wishing to learn, improve or compete.

I offer specialist training to develop your sculling technique, stamina, strength and motivation to help improve your confidence in a boat, overall health and physical performance.

I can also tailor rehabilitation, flexibility and dietary programmes to your particular requirements.

Qualifications, Education and Experience

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Achieve that little extra to improve your rowing

Rowing forum 2012 - 2016


Session objectives:

  • sculling skills improvement / development
  • race training & strategy
    • watercraft & boat handling - preparation for taking a steering certificate. For more information, please click here.
  • coxing & crew handling
  • fitness improvement - Specialist fitness training aimed at improving rowing technique and posture is particularly effective in taking existing rowers up a level in overall competitive performance.


British Masters National Championships

Veterans Fours Head of the River by Graham Wastnage

The Fitness Workshop by Iain Hollingshead

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