About Kosta

Kosta graduated from the University College of Osteopathy (formerly the British School of Osteopathy, BSO) in 2014 specialising in the treatment of neuro-lymphatic, musculoskeletal and sports related injuries. He is treating patients suffering neurological conditions such as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS, and Fibromyalgia.

Kosta is advanced licensed practitioner of the NHS-supported Perrin Technique™ a diagnostic and treatment protocol for M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and post-viral fatigue which is also currently being researched for efficacy in the treatment of Long Covid.

Kosta also has a Sports Science degree and experience working with athletes such as rowers, swimmers and cyclists.

I started rowing in 1991 in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have found much pleasure in this sport ever since.

At this point, I had been rowing for 23 years and competed at two World Rowing Championships, five World Rowing Cups and many international regattas in various events (LwM1x; LwM2x; M2x; M8+).  I very much enjoyed the training required to row at this level.

Like most other Bulgarian rowers, I had struggled and worked hard to find a place in the Bulgarian rowing team dealing with difficulties and obstacles as best as I could.  I changed many part time jobs trying to earn a living and financially support my dream. But 2007 had been an especially tough year for me, and the challenging circumstances made me realise that I had to take a big step away if I wanted to continue rowing.  I was very fortunate to meet many wonderful people working as a personal trainer and sports coach.  One of my patients (Mr P) gave me a one way ticket to London for my birthday.  

I met many wonderful people in London.  My first landlady (Ms A) gave me an enormous support helping me to find work and learn english.  A group of recreational rowers (G, E and A) introduced me to PTRC and the river Thames.  With their help I met my rowing coach (Allan Whitwell).  Allan is an inspirational coach, he trusted my desire to compete internationally, and helped me a huge amount by changing my rowing stroke profile and teaching me to scull faster.

However, in 2006 I injured my back and this affected both my rowing performance and my everyday life. When I mentioned this problem to a friend, she suggested that I visit an osteopath to see if something could be done to help.  Although I was a little sceptical, I made the appointment.  After the osteopathic treatment, I found that the pain from this old injury had completely gone and I was able to train again more effectively than before.  My posture is better, I was rowing faster and I competed internationally once again.

I do not feel that I have achieved anything great while competing in all these events. Perhaps my biggest achievement is that I still enjoy rowing and competing.

The osteopath (John Prescott) completely changed my life.  He suggested that I apply to study at the British School of Osteopsthy and he became my mentor.  I decided to learn how to help other people with their injuries and the suffering that these can cause.  

I was working as a personal trainer, rowing and swimming coach, helping people of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals while I was studying.

My rowing and work experience has given me an insight into how the human body and mind react to different forms of exercise.  My degree in sport has provided me with a basic knowledge of anatomy, biochemistry and physiology, which has proved useful in both my rowing and in my work.

2010 - 2014 MOst British School of Osteopathy.  My degree in osteopathy started my career as an autonomous health practitioner. Since then, I am married and a father of two beautiful children.