qualification,education and experience

Qualifications, Education, Experience


  • Working on the muscles and joints of the body.
  • Taking into account: internal organs as well as environmental and psychological factors.
  • Treating the whole person relying on the self-healing ability of one's body.

Conditions that can be helped with osteopathy include: back, neck and shoulder pain, prolapsed discs, sports injuries, repetitive strain injury, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, pregnancy aches and pains.

The treatments consist of joint manipulation, stretching and massage. Through these treatments the joints can be mobilised, muscle tension relieved and the blood supply to the affected areas can be increased allowing the body to heal itself.

Topics studied:



Spinal mechanics

Osteopathic diagnosis

Exercise physiology

Soft tissue techniques

Neuro-muscular techniques

Clinical practice

Peripheral mechanics

X-ray diagnosis

Osteopathic philosophy

Palpation and articulatory techniques


Musculoskeletal system

Nervous system


Human development

Cardiovascular and ventilatory system

Ethics and jurisprudence

Natural therapeutics

Clinical procedures

Function, malfunction and techniques

Laboratory techniques


Dietetics and nutrition



Applied osteopathic medicine

Dysfunction and disease

Professional practice

Tissue dynamics

Sports Science

Advanced studies and qualifications of various sporting activities: skiing, kayaking, white water rafting, canyoning, competitive rowing, swimming, scuba diving, alpine mountaineering with rappelling, trekking, orienteering and paragliding.

Subject fields

Training endurance - by quantity, character and direction of the sport

Medical and biological aspects of sports training in different sports (discipline)

Theory and methods of motional qualities, habits and skills

Special means and methods of scientific control in the type of sport (discipline)

Morphological, functional and psychomotory characteristic of different sports and disciplines

Nature and functions of sports in modern society

Medical and biological insurance of sports training

Building and management of the training and competition processes

Science supervision in sports

Sports management

Major study and qualification in Sports Science






Sports Medicine

Theory and methods for coaching sports

Sports Nutrition

Professional Qualifications

2014 M.Ost degree

British School of Osteopathy

2008 M.A. Sports Science

Bulgarian National Sports Academy (video)

2007 Personal Trainer

Register of Exercise Professionals; Membership No: R0045975

Advanced Instructor,

L2 Exercise to Music, L2 Gym,

L3 Advanced Fitness Instructor

2007 Swimming Coach

British Swimming & Amateur Swimming Association; Membership No: 54458 Swimming coach

Senior Life Guard (sea)

Life Guard(swimming pool)

2006 Ski Instructor

Bulgarian Ski School

Alpine skiing

Cross country skiing


2004 B.A. Rowing coach

Bulgarian National Sports Academy

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