Effective treatment for neuro-lymphatic and musculo-skeletal conditions

Manual Osteopathic treatment which aims to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

It encourages healthy movement in joints, muscles and tendons by correcting mechanical imbalances.

My practice is located at Parkshot House across the road from Richmond station.



Reducing fatigue in Long COVID-19: A feasibility study of a self-help intervention to reduce fatigue-related symptoms among patients in general practice” has finally begun this month.

Volunteers who have all been diagnosed in Greater Manchester's Northern Care Alliance NHS Trust as suffering from Long-COVID are being recruited and randomised into the groups for the study which will be running through 2023. We hope to have preliminary pre-publication results at this year's conference in December.

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Kosta Kolimechkov graduated from the University College of Osteopathy (former BSO) in 2014 and specialises in the treatment of neuro-musculo-skeletal and sport related injuries.

He also has a Sports Science degree (2008) and experience in working with athletes such as rowers, runners, swimmers and cyclists. Kosta himself represented his country Bulgaria at World Rowing Championships.

Kosta is also a licensed Perrin Technique™ practitioner treating patients who suffer ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.

The Perrin Technique™ is an Osteopathic manual method that aids the diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS based on the theory that stress factors which can be physical, emotional, chemical or immunological (such as allergies or infections) can cause excessive strain on the sympathetic nervous system, leading to ME/CFS.

Further investigation into this theory has shown that this overload is probably caused by toxins building up in the spinal cord and the brain. For a ME/CFS sufferer, these toxins fail to drain properly.

In fact, evidence has shown a backflow of the drainage leading to a further build-up of neurotoxins causing a worsening breakdown of the brain’s normal function leading to the diverse symptoms seen in ME/CFS

  • The Perrin Technique™ is an osteopathic method which stimulates the movement of fluid around the brain and spine.

  • Improving movement in the spine further helps to drain the toxins from the cerebrospinal fluid.

  • Systematic manual lymphatic drainage techniques direct the toxins into the bloodstream, where they are eventually expelled by the body or carried to be detoxified in the liver.

  • Over time, without the toxins affecting the brain, the sympathetic nervous system returns to its normal function and symptoms improve. Eventually, patients can become totally symptom-free.

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