2013 - 2014 Head / Regatta season

2013 - 2014 Head / Regatta season

  • Maidenhead Regatta 10th August

WMas.D1x (Anne Jones)

WMas.D.2x (Emma & Cathy)

Mas+J14 2x (Kosta & Michel)

WMas.8+ (Christina, Sarah M, Simone, Janette, Amanda, Sarah F, Cathy, Emma, cox Kosta)

  • Burway Regatta 27th July

Mas.C/D.4+ (Doug D, John E, Paul W, David S, cox Jacqueline)

  • Staines Regatta 26th July

WMas.D.2x (Janette & Cathy)

Mas.C/D.4- (Doug D, John E, Paul W, David S)

  • Kingston Regatta 12th June

MixMas.E.4x (Doug D, Simon D, Janette, Cathy)


  • Twickenham Regatta 25th May 2014

A huge thank you to all who helped with the preparation and the running of the regatta. It was fantastic to see so many of you last Saturday.

I am happy to report the first 4 Masters' pots for this summer. Congratulations to all winners.

W.Mas.C.2x (Anne & Emma)

W.Mas.D.4x (Anna, Janette, Cathy, Emma)

Mas.H.1x (Robert Bailey)

Mas.D.4- (Doug D, Paul W, David L, Simon D)

  • Masters National Championships 18th May 2014

Another successful year at British Rowing Masters Championships for Twickenham Rowing Club

On Sunday the 18th May the TwRC Masters followed the senior squads to Nottingham to participate in the annual British Rowing Masters Championships. There were record numbers of entries and though this is a competitive event there was the usual lively atmosphere of friendly rivalry and support between clubs. Sunday was a beautiful day but despite the sun shining there were challenging gusty winds with crews finding themselves either racing into a head-wind or blown off-course. The boats were being blown sideways from the stake boats so the umpires put a shortened start protocol into operation and a very abrupt 'attention - go' was called as soon as everyone was lined up. As staying in position for more than a couple of seconds was highly optimistic, many boats were caught by surprise.

This regatta was the squad’s first opportunity to put to the test Kosta’s new winter training schedule and our personal performance after the difficult winter with training at Littleton Lake instead of our river. The training efforts were reflected in all the crews performance on water and in the overall results with many crews being significantly faster than the nearest competitors. Results and congratulations go to:

7 Gold Medals:

W.E.NOV.1x Cathy Almond

W.D.NOV.1x Anne Jones

W.A.NOV.1x Sarah Field

W.C.NOV.2x (Anne Jones & Emma Fadlon)

W.A.NOV.2x (Sarah & Jacqueline Rudenko)

Mx.D.2x (Frank & Debbie Dorling)

W.C&D.NOV.4x (Anne Jones, Janette Bradnick, Cathy, Emma Fadlon (stroke))

3 Silver Medals:

H.1x Robert Bailey

C.2x (Kosta Kolimechkov & Frank)

Mx.E.4x (Doug Davidson, Simon Delph, Cathy Almond, Debbie Dorling)

2 Bronze Medals:

W.A.NOV.1x Jacqueline Rudenko

Mx.C.2x (Kosta Kolimechkov & Debbie Dorling)

Special thanks to James Sirmon for towing the trailer to and from the event (although not racing himself) and to Henry Rogers for photographs and video. Henry also competed here having been encouraged back into the competitive scene by Kosta after a number of years; he posted two very respectable race times competing as I.1x and H.4x.

Photos and Results (at the time of writing are provisional and with errors and some name transpositions) are available from:


More photographs can be found here:


  • Veterans 8s Head 30th March 2014
Veterans' Head of the River Race 2014  33 Quintin BC Auriol Kensington Putney Town RC Thames RC Twickenham RC MasC © BigBlade Photography. If this image is offline it can be restored on request.
Veterans' Head of the River Race 2014  33 Quintin BC Auriol Kensington Putney Town RC Thames RC Twickenham RC MasC © BigBlade Photography. If this image is offline it can be restored on request.

Mas.C 8+ (cox Emma, Kosta, Hugh, Berend, Kit, Frank, Ali, Pete, Harry composite crew)

  • Quintin Head 25thJanuary 2014

Mas.B 8+ (cox Louise, Kosta, Hugh, Berend, Peter, Frank, Ali, Doug K, Harry composite crew)

  • Wallingford Head 8th December 2013

Mas.B 4- (Berend van Wachem composite crew)

Very well done to those who raced last Saturday, I think we all had a wonderful time.

Single sculls

  • Mas.C 1x Doug Knox 83rd overall, 2nd in category (12:19.1mins)
  • WMas.A.Nov 1x Sarah Field 204th, 1st in category (13:11.9)
  • WMas.E.Nov 1x Cathy Almond 295th, 1st in category (14:33.5)
  • WMas.C.Nov 1x Nicki Lyon 299th, 3rd in category (14:48.9)
  • WMas.C 1x Nicola Ansell 303rd, 2nd in category (14:59.8

Double sculls

  • Mas.B 2x James T & Doug K 28th position overall, 1st in category (10:59.3)
  • MxdMas.C 2x Kosta & Dominique 132nd, 1st in category (12:19.2)
  • WMas.A.Nov. 2x Jacqueline & Sarah F 133rd, 1st in category (12:19.8)
  • Mas.G 2x Doug D & Peter C (PTRC) 137th, 2nd in category (12:21.7)
  • WMas.C.Nov. 2x Anne J & Emma F 175th, 1st in category (12:41.5)
  • Mas.C.Nov. 2x David L & David Shalders 193rd, 1st in category (12:48.8)
  • WMas.D.Nov. 2x Emma & Cathy 208th, 1st in category (13:01.2)
  • MxdMas.D 2x Steve & Melissa 221st, 4th in category (13:18.2)
  • Below is some feedback from the race which I like to share with you:
  • "‪... Kosta, this event has boost my moral and energy, so, for that, thank you.
  • It has showed me what rowing is all about, great technic, great determination, modesty and great 'fraternity' amongst all the rowers..."
  • ---
  • Burway SBH 23trd November 2013

Mas.G/H 1x Robert Bailey

  • Scullers Head 16th November 2013

Mas.H 1x Robert Bailey

  • Kingston Head 9th November 2013

WMas.Nov.A. 2x Sarah & Jacqueline

Mas.C 2x Berend Van Wachem & Frank Raschke (AKRC)

A huge thank you to Henry Rodgers for providing such a valuable feedback:

"Kosta, I shot stills at Kingston SB Head today. I've loaded 69 of them as a video slideshow on YouTube - see:


I've put 31 of the ones I liked best up as stills in my PBase site:

http://www.pbase.com/hhmrogers/2013_kingston_sb_head "

  • Teddington Head 2nd November 2013

WMas.Nov.A 4x+ (Anne, Janett, Cathy, Emma, cox Dominique)

Mas.D 1x Simon Pullen

Mas.A/B 1x Berend Van Wachem

Mas.B/C/D 2x Berend Van Wachem & Frank Raschke (AKRC)


  • Weybridge Silver Sculls 19th October 2013

WMas.Nov.A. 2x Sarah & Jaqueline

Mas.G/H 1x Robert Bailey

Mas.D 1x Simon Pullen

Mas.A/B 1x Berend Van Wachem

  • Pairs Head 13th 2013 October 2013

Mas.B 2x Kosta & Ali (PTRC)

  • Wallingford SBH 28th September 2013

Mxd.Mas.E 2x Doug Davidson & Debbie Dorling

Mas.B 2x Kosta & Ali (PTRC)