2012 - 2013 Head / Regatta season

2012 -2013 Head / Regatta season

Mixed Mas.B 2x Kosta and Debbie

Mas.B 2x Berend and Kosta

I feel that we all had a good experience racing together in the last summer regatta.

Congratulations to Debbie Dorling and Berend Van Wachem for winning the Mixed Mas.B 2x and the Open 2x. I was fortunate to race with both of them in these events :)

  • Burway Regatta 28th July 2013

We had a full trailer of TwRC Masters boats racing on Sunday.

Congratulations to all winners!

WMas.C Novice 1x

Nicole Ansell won her first pot in a very exciting side by side race. I believe that this is racing experience which she will remember with a big smile on her face.

Very well done Nicola.

Mixed Mas.B 2x

I had the privilege to race again with Debbie Dorling and we won the mixed double sculls event despite my rusty bow steering :)

Mixed Mas.E 4x

Bow Doug Davidson

2 Paul McCarter

3 Cathy Almond

Stroke Debbie Dorling

Our quad dominated the racing field finishing with the fastest semi-final time and then they went on to win the final by a comfortable distance.

Mas.E 8+

Bow John Sewell

2 Doug Davidson

3 Keith Baldwin

4 Jonathan Armour

5 Simon Delph

6 Paul McCarter

7 Paul Wood-Robinson

Stroke Gavin Bottomley

Cox Sarah Field

The 8+ had a tough race against their opposition who suddenly decided to move up a category and take the advantage of a 5 second handicap. These sorts of changes can have a huge impact on the outcome of such short 500m race. Nevertheless, out Masters had a brilliant race and they won by a few feet at the end. This was our Club's second win in the mens 8+ this season!

Also members from our Recreational group had their very first race in a Mixed Mas.C 4x. The crew had been out only several times together and already showed racing potential. They have recently learned to row but have fallen immediately in love with rowing and competing.

I feel that we have a fantastic team, thank you again for making all this possible.

  • Staines Regatta 27th July 2013

Congratulations to our

Mixed Mas.E 4x

Bow Doug Davidson

2 Simon Delph

3 Cathy Almond

Stroke Debbie Dorling

who won in the finals against a well known opposition.

  • Molesey Regatta 20th July 2013

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3


Congratulations to our Masters 4+ who won three races and deserved the privilege to represent our club in the finals of the IM3 4+. The crew: Doug Knox, Paul Wood-Robinson, Gavin

Bottomley, Tom Guest (Novice Men squad) and Louise Dean (cox) won the gold medals. All four races were incredibly close at the end, it was a very exciting epic battle.

This unbelievable performance made me realise that there are no limits on what our Masters can achieve. Some good photos from the regatta can be seen on Henry Roger's website http://www.pbase.com/hhmrogers/twrc2013

Thank you again for all your hard work and support.

  • Kingston Regatta 13th July 2013

Mixed Mas.C 8+ (Nicola, Janette, Gaelle, Justine, Simon D, Niall, Paul W, Gavin, cox Louise)

Mas.D 8+ (Jason, Doug D, Simon, Niall, James, Paul M, Berend, Doug K, cox Louise)

Mixed Mas.4x (Doug D, Cathy, Emma, Jason)

Mas.D 1x (Paul McCarter)

  • Richmond Regatta

Mixed Mas. C 8+ (Sarah F, Janette, Heather, Emma, Paul W, Gavin, Simon D, Doug K, cox Louise)

Mixed Mas.D 4x (Doug D, Nicola A, Emma, Jonathan A)

Mas.B/C 4- (Paul W, Gavin, Simon D, Doug K)

Mas.F 2x (Spike & Robert)

Mas.H 1x (Robert Bailey)

Mas.C/D 1x (James Sirmon)

  • Marlow Regatta

Mas.D 1x (Paul McCarter)

  • Twickenham Regatta 25th May 2013

Mixed Mas.A/D 8+ (Cathy, Emma, Heather, Debbie, Lewis, Doug D, Simon D, Doug K, cox Louise)

Mas.E/F/G 4x (John S, Richard, Dennis, Keith)

Mas.F 2x (Spike & Robert)

Mas.H 1x (Robert Bailey)

  • British Masters National Championships 19th May 2013

2nd place Mas.H/I/J 1x Robert Bailey

1st place Mas.B Novice 1x Berend Van Wachem

1st place Mas.A 2x Ali and Kosta (PTRC/TwRC)

1st place Mas.C Novice 1x Doug Knox

1st place Mas.E Novice 1x Jason Boulter

1st place Mas.C Novice 4x (stroke Berend, Sirmon D, Doug K, James)

  • Chiswick Regatta 2013

Mas.D 1x (Paul McCarter)

  • Hammersmith Regatta 2013

Mas.D 1x (Paul McCarter)

Mas.F 2x (Spike & Robert)

  • Hammersmith Head 2013
      • Mas.B/C 8+ (Paul , Berend, Kosta, ...)
  • Pairs Head 2012

Mas.F 2x (Spike & Robert)

  • Wallingford Long Distance Head

WMas.D 1x (Debbie)