Evleen Mann wrote:

"Dear Kosta

I think I am happy with

1) my roll over and hands away position

(knees straight)

2) feathering is ok, not too much trailing in the water

3) balance is okay

Not happy with

a) my oars go too deep

b) my stroke is not fluid (stopping after hands away)

c) my coming out of the water with the oars is not clean or vertical!

Hmmnnn, you will have to help me correct that!

Very Many thanks"

Angela Keane wrote:

"Hi Kosta

I enjoyed our exercise session this morning - thank you.

I wanted to let you know that my 3 areas of focus in my rowing now are:

keeping my hands together

better posture - straight back, shoulders relaxed

on the slide, pushing through with my legs rather than immediately pulling with the arms

Have a good week - See you on Thurs.