Amanda O'Connor wrote:

"Dear Kosta

In response to my YouTube video....

I'm quite happy with my arms being straight.

The boat looks reasonably balanced (until I look over my shoulder).

The blades are mostly skimming above the water.

The not so good points...

Poor compression at the front end so stroke not as long as it could be.

Blades far too deep and not totally square when entering the water...

Back to the drawing board!!!


Christina Von Hodenberg

"Hi Kosta, Here’s my homework. I’m rather happy with a) balance, b) flat wrists, c) leaning back at backstops. Unhappy with: a) blades digging, b) ratio (speeding up towards catch), c) blades touching the water during recovery. What is your view of the connection? All the best, Christina"

Justine Lee wrote:

"Hi Kosta,

Well, good - 1- going in at catch, 2 -not rushing the slide, 3- hands together.

Not so good - 1- bendy back still !! and i thought i was keeping it so straight ? 2- hands need to be lower going up the slide(blades too close to the water ), 3 - end of stroke needs to be cleaner.

Thanks for the video!"

Kerstin Hall wrote:

"Dear Kosta,

Sorry for responding so late, but here is my feedback:

Three things I want to work on this summer: (there are so many, it is hard to decide ;-))

Fast hands away

Blades off the water/balance

Closing the gap between my hands at back stops/flat wrists

Three things I am relatively happy with:

Stroke profile


Relaxed shoulders

Thanks so much for filming us – it is incredibly helpful!

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon.



Helen Lansdell wrote:

"Many thanks for taking this, Kosta. It's quite interesting to see things from a perspective I haven't seen before!

I'm happy with:

- keeping hands together

- keeping arms straight

- rocking forward before bending knees

I think priorities to work on are:

- quick hands away

- stretching further forward at the catch

- balance (body's a bit wobbly, need core body strength/fitness)

See you later!


Yvonne Loftus wrote:

"Dear Kosta,

I love single sculling and would very much like to improve.

3 things I'm happy with.

Height of the blade.

Early square.

Control on the slide.

To improve, ( there are more than 3 things I can think of)

Body position sit upright.

Length and power of the stroke.

The catch.

My bow blade is not always square. Keep the legs down longer. To feather the blade with the hands only and not use the wrists I would like to learn how to get in and out of a fine scull on my own. I'm on leave, and will be back at the club after the 21st July.

Thank you, your coaching is very much appreciated.

Kind regards,


Karen Rigby wrote:

"The following stood out for me:

Hands needed to be closer together

Quicker hands away

Straighter back

To move further up the slide to gain the 90 degree knee

To be quicker when accelerating and push harder

Today I focused on straighter back (sitting up), hands closer together and quicker, stronger acceleration.

Thank you for taking the video. It was very helpful.

See you on Thursday and I hope you have a lovely week.

Best wishes


Melissa Gadsden

Sarah Macnaught wrote:

"Thanks Kosta for uploading this.

Good points

my overall timing and stroke profile seems okay

Straight back , eyes forward

I didn’t fall in

Improvement areas

Squaring needs to be as early as possible. I am really trying hard but don’t seem to have the balance YET to do it. Main focus for summer. Power down with the legs - more arm suspension at the catch. I’m not really sending the boat away. Rolling the blade into the fingers for feathering to be improved (flat hands). Blades need to come out square - already seem feathered at the finish

See you tomorrow.

Sarah M"

Mary Gregory wrote:

"well Kosta - my arms are all over the place, the blades are going to deep into the water, I'm not leaning back enough, I'm bending my knees at the same time as I reach forward. Really can't believe how bad I look!!

The only positives are that I didn't fall in and my hair looks ok..."

Gihan Hyde wrote:


"My stroke analysis is as following:

- I lean far back where I don't know to

- blades are too deep in water this would suggest that my arms are too high and far apart specifically the left arm

- in my slide I am not doing the ratio which is affecting the stoke to be a complete stroke.

Therefore I will focus on the following for the coming week:

- distance between my hands and the blades off the water when I slide back for the catch."