Anne Jones wrote:

"Positive: getting blades off the water/ better rock over before knew come up/ not opening back so early

Negative: where do I start?! As usual….need to square earlier/ faster catch/ sit up more especially at front stops.

Thank you for the video Kosta. I will continue to work on my technique; early square, getting full connection at full compression, hanging of the handles, driving with the legs and NOT opening my back early, AND staying relaxed. The boat was not running properly; I wasn't doing the above, not getting power through the water and then not controlling speed coming forward. I know what I have to do, and I am determined to do it!

All said, it was an incredibly useful experience and I learned a lot.

Thank you as ever for your support and encouragement Kosta."

WMas.D.IM3.1x Elaine Clutterbuck