Emma Fadlon wrote:


Hand height, not dipping at catch, strong back position maintained


Not squaring early, not connecting fast enough, extraction- would be better if I did tap down..."

Nicola Ansell wrote:

"Thanks Kosta. Really useful to have the attachment.

On the 3 things I was focusing on:

1. Rocking forward fully - this was a lot better than on the previous video, though not totally consistent and I'm not getting full compression from my legs on a lot of strokes, and also overstretching a bit at the catch - need to keep my back straighter

2. Hand heights - pretty rubbish still!

3. Raising hands toward the catch - this was better, though I'm still dipping immediately before the catch - after I feather, which I'm doing too late. Not sure how far this is because the boat's not balanced.

Good points

1. Fast hands-away and rock over

2. Some quite good catches


To work on

1. The balance - the boat looks really wobbly and this is making the catches difficult to get right (including squaring early etc). Not sure how far this is down to hand heights, focusing on weight through my feet, or because I'm digging the blades in too deep.

2. 'Wheeling' the blades through the water - I need to pull straight into my chest - the blades go too deep and then sometimes wash out before the finish.

3. Keeping my wrists flatter and more relaxed."

Janette Bradnick

"Hi Kosta

Looking at the video shows to me:

Much better separation - connect and push plus knees down

Also much better pulling to chest at the finish.

Plus a slow slide forward - good ratio.

But it shows clearly that I am raising my hands gradually as I move forward; hence when I square I am spalshing, so I need to focus on keeping the hands down all the way forward, then a sharper pull-up at the catch.

Plus my left hand could be further infront of my right going forward. And I am not always as compressed as I could be."