Eva Feanconetti wrote:

"Hi Kosta, thanks for this, it's very useful to see it.

I am not sure I can say three things that are ok, I think the hands seem to move at the same height and the left in front of the right ok, so that's positive.

In terms of the things to improve, obviously, controlling the balance at higher speed should be the aim (it looks like I am at slow motion) but in terms of the stroke profile, I find that the biggest call out is the finish, I don't lean back and finish the stroke. I will work on those two things.

What do you think?




Kasia Suder wrote:

Hi Kosta,

Rowing stroke profile.

To improve:

- tapping down the blades ( working on balance)

- learn to use my legs better ( legs first)

- generally relax my posture ( shoulders, hands)

I could go on and on here, but you only asked for three :)

Happy with:

Before my today's capsized maybe I could of be able to give you three points of my stroke that I am happy with, but I lost my confidence, sorry.

Thanks a lot,