Sarah Field wrote:

"The three things I want to work on are:

Posture - sitting up, especially at the finish

Wrists - also at the finish...not being lazy when I tap down and feather

Catches - raising the hands and getting a good connection at the front end (obviously - this includes not rushing / gaining patience in the last quarter of the slide)

If I can fix these things over the summer, it would be amazing! :-)



Jacqueline Rudenko wrote:

"Good: slow slide, fast hands, blades are in the water before pressure is applied

Negative: opening up the back too early, need to square even earlier, don't 'dip' at the catch by rolling shoulders forward to make connection and therefore breaking the back position."

Katie O'Connor wrote:


My back isn’t straight.

My oars get caught a bit when i pull them out of the water.

My wrists move a lot.


It’s much smoother than it was last week.

My oars stay mostly close to the water.

I lean back at the end of the stroke. (although hand don’t seem to reach my body?)


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