Sculling courses at PTRC

Hi Kosta

I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic sculling course. I feel that I have improved massively over the last 2 months and can definitely say that I learned something new at each session. My balance has gotten better as has my technique but I know that I still have to be more confident to put the work down and not worry about tipping over! 

I will definitely sign up for another course in future as it has been great fun and there's always more to learn. 



I would like to say how much I have enjoyed your sculling course.
I come away having had not only a most enjoyable outing but a very informative, challenging and successful one!
I have learnt so much - THANK YOU!
Best wishes

I have enjoyed your course and have already proved that I benefited from your coaching comments.  I went out on Monday evening for a steady scull with no special exercises (I had left too late to do anything else).  The water was very good but I had one of the smoothest most consistently balanced & steady sculls that I've had for the last few years.  I attribute that to all the work that you have done with my sequencing of actions and pausing to check posture.  

Simon Maxwell