Dan Wilson wrote:

"Hi Kosta,
Sorry not to get back sooner with this.The 3 things I wanted to focus on were:

1)      bringing hands up to chest at end of stroke

2)      keeping knees down until sliding forward on recovery

3)      keeping blades off water

I think that 1) was not tooo bad; I might have had the footplate too far toward the bow. 2) was pretty good, I’d say (with a lot of concentration). But 3) didn’t work well at all. The balance was poor, which I think is a result of uneven extraction, or extracting the bowside blade badly (an old problem of mine). I think I’m digging that blade too deeply; at least my left hand is high some of the time, I think. So that is probably my main thing to improve. Happy to hear any other pointers! (Not to mention that I almost got fouled up in the tree…)
Best, Dan"