Rowing Forum 2012 - 2016

This forum is something that I've always wonted to do, so we can all share our experience.
I asked everyone I have coached to comment on three points of their stroke profile that they are happy with and on three further points that they would like to improve.
I hope you find the self analysis interesting and beneficial.

                    Men Open       Men IM3           Men Novice           Women Open        Women IM3           Women Novice

A. 27 years MasA.1x





B. 36 years or more MasB.1x


C. 43 years or more  MasC.1x

D. 50 years or more  MasD.1x


E. 55 years or more  MasE.1x
F. 60 years or more  MasF.1x
 MasF.IM3.1x MasF.NOV.1x
 WMasF.IM3.1x WMasF.NOV.1x
G. 65 years or moreMasG.1x
 WMasG.IM3.1x WMasG.NOV.1x
H. 70 years or more  MasH.1x
 MasH.IM3.1x MasH.NOV.1x
 I. 75 years or more MasI.1x
 MasI.IM3.1x MasI.NOV.1x

 J. 80 years or more MasJ.1x

 WMasJ.IM3.1x WMasJ.NOV.1x

 K. 85 years or more MasK.1x

 MasK.NOV.1x WMasK.1x
 WMasK.IM3.1x WMasK.NOV.1x

The age of a rower in a masters rowing event shall be that which he/she attains during the year of the event.
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