Thumper deep tissue massage - follow up appointment

 £20 off (normally £65)

Thumper tapotement action sends energy deep into fascia layer, increasing blood supply and nutrition to the muscles which helps prevent the buildup of harmful “fatigue” products resulting from strenuous exercise or injuries.

For elite athletes Thumper massage improves circulation and nutrition of joints and accelerates the elimination of harmful deposits so athletes can stay in top condition. Using the Thumper also helps lessen inflammation and swelling in joints and so alleviates pain.
  • Lengthens shortened muscles and fascia
  • Allows blood, lymph and nerve transmission to flow through restricted areas
  • Increases blood circulation     
  • Restores physical and chemical balance to the body
  • Relieves stress
  • Alleviates the symptoms of chronic aches and pains

To book an appointment please e-mail or phone 07788 155 643. Thank you.