Interferential therapy (electrical stimulation) for pain relief

This is a method of providing pain relief without medication. It works by stimulating the nerves to either distract them from sending pain signals to the brain, or by stimulating the brain to produce natural painkillers, which are stored within the body.

£20 off (normally £65)
Valid until 31 July 2018

Initial consultation & treatment 
£20 off (normally £95)

A detailed case history will be taken, which includes information about your current symptoms, medical history and state of health. 

An examination will then be carried out to help form a working diagnosis.

The treatment I offer depends on the patient' condition. Normally the treatment consists of soft tissue and muscle energy techniques, gentle to firm joint manipulation, aiming to improve the range of movement in restricted joints.

To book an appointment please e-mail or phone 07788 155 643. Thank you.